Meghan Markle’s ‘completely changed’ Prince Harry: ‘Used to be fun royal’

Meghan Markle is standing accused of ‘totally transforming’ Prince Harry from his ‘fun past self’

By Web Desk
February 24, 2023

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Experts have accused Meghan Markle of totally ‘changing’ Prince Harry’s personality since their first meeting.

These claims have been made by author Natalie Oliveri, in a new piece for Honey.nine.

There she wrote, “The show pokes fun at anyone and everything, including this episode which also mocks the journalists employed to cover Harry and Meghan.”

“While Meghan has, sometimes unfairly, been accused of changing Harry and controlling him, the duke has undoubtedly become more serious since their engagement and wedding.”

“Prince Harry was often seen as the 'fun' royal at official events, keen to be cheeky and have a little bit of fun. Not so much anymore.”