TV presenter calls Prince Harry classless and thoughtless

TV presenter calls Prince Harry classless and thoughtless

By Web Desk
February 10, 2023

US TV presenter Megyn Kelly lashed out at Prince Harry over his description of how he lost his virginity.

Speaking on Paul Murray's Sky Australia show, she said, "What he did to this poor woman, he made it sound like it was a Mrs Robinson situation where it was like an older woman, like the mother of a friend. No! She was four years older they were both teenagers.

Kelly was referring to Sasha Walpole, 40, who revealed she was the "older woman" Prince Harry lost his virginity to. She came forward after Prince Harry shared the details of his intimate encounter with the woman without naming her in his tell-all book Spare.

"This is the latest example in how classless and thoughtless this guy is," she said.

In her first interview since she revealed she was Harry's "older woman", Sasha said Prince Harry should have informed her that he was going to write about their encounter in his book.