Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes comeback 'highly unlikely'?

ABC former employee Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes working together not possible, claims one PR expert

By Web Desk
February 04, 2023

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes comeback 'highly unlikely'?


Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes's chances to appear as a pair on another network after exiting from ABC are unlikely, as per a PR expert.

According to The Sun, Eric Schiffer, chairman of the Reputation Management Consultants believed that neither Holmes nor Robach is "toast," it's unlikely they'll go on to work together elsewhere.

"The choices that they have as personalities are either their own show via YouTube [or] individual opportunities from other networks," he said.

"But the probabilities of them appearing together on another network are like a unicorn jumping over the gate of the White House. Highly unlikely."

"What you'll likely see is them going in different directions.

"They're just going to go into markets that will probably have a lot less attention and potentially entrepreneurial approaches like YouTube and others where they may actually monetize and do quite well."

"They have been devastated over what was a whirlwind romance turned apocalyptic because… the thing that they love, the entertainment and news side has now gone 'Kaboom,'" Schiffer added.

"They will need to decide how to pick up the pieces from the destruction and try to turn it positive."

Holmes and Robach formally parted ways with the network, after their romance scandal rocked the media industry.

"After several productive conversations with Amy Robach and TJ Holmes about different options, we all agreed it's best for everyone that they move on from ABC News," an ABC News Spokesperson said.

"We recognize their talent and commitment over the years and are thankful for their contributions."