AI that works for all

By Dr Imran Batada
February 04, 2023

AI tools boost productivity by a high percentage. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future of work, and most people are actively using these tools to make it easy to perform certain tasks. AI is actively being used in different industries such as education, healthcare, real-estate, business, content writing and finance.


There are certain AI tools for language. ‘Poised’ is one such AI-powered platform that assists people in speaking confidently and with clarity. The application gives users real-time feedback on their choice of words — for example in an interview. They will also get a progress report over time. This way, they will know where they need to work harder. ‘Papercup’ is another ideal AI tool that people can use to convert their text into other languages for better localization. ‘Native Chats’ is another AI-powered platform that lets business owners speak to their customers in their localized languages with fluency.

There are AI tools for collaboration. ‘Pragma’ centralizes an organization’s knowledge base for easy reference. Also, it enhances the collaboration and sharing of various documents. It automates workflows and writing in real-time. ‘Sembly’ is another tool that works as a person’s assistant by recording, analyzing, transcribing, and providing insights. ‘Sheet AI’ is another platform that people can use to boost their Google Sheets using extensive features and predictions. Mem is another AI platform almost similar to Notion that organizes notes and workflows in real-time. It is an ideal platform for organizing workflows as it enables the seamless arrangement of work schedules and works based on categories. Modyfi is another AI tool that helps boost collaboration and simplifies the design processes. Finta is another platform that automates organizational workflow in real-time.

Third, there are certain AI tools for text automation into audio or video. Those who want to generate audio using text can use ‘Murf’ — one of the best AI tools. The voice will sound so natural and ultra-realistic. People can choose a female or male voice of any age. Synthesia is another ideal platform that people can use to transform plain text into videos in real-time. Therefore, no one will require videographers to create simple videos. It can be a great marketing strategy. Luckily, it can be used to create videos in 120 languages. ‘Assembly AI’, another application, translates audio into text. Therefore, people can easily read it out instead of listening. ‘SuperCreator’ is another tool that can be used to create short-form videos in real time.

Fourth, there are also certain AI tools for content creation. ‘Lex Page’ is an ideal platform for imitating writing tones. Writers will not have to worry when they face writer’s block. ‘Craftly’ is another great tool that is ideal for copywriting; people need to give instructions to the tool on the kind of writing they need and wait for great copy. ‘Texti’ is another useful platform that is ideal for use on browsers. It resembles ChatGPT and can be used to ask questions and get answers in real-time. For content managers, using ‘WordTune’ would be quite valuable. It suggests alternative words that people can use in their text. For those who are lazy at writing, ‘Compose AI’ will be valuable. It finishes sentences like Gmail does when a person drafts emails.

Content managers can benefit fully from AI-powered technology. ‘Copy AI’ is another platform that can be used to generate content in real-time while ‘Ideas AI’ can be used to provide ideas that professionals can leverage in their businesses. ‘Texta’ is another AI tool that can help generate text within a short term. People need to input their ideas and get their work done almost immediately. They are high-quality blog posts that will bring the right attention to your site. ‘Jasper’ and ‘Instoried’ are popular AI tools that can be used to write posts, copywriting, and social posts.

Fifth, there are certain AI tools for image automation or creation. ‘Stock AI’ is an ideal platform that can be used to create stock photos. ‘DALL E 2’ is another platform that can be used to create images and art from text. It is similar to ‘Stable Diffusion’ which also creates images based on some specific text. ‘Lexica’ features the images generated by Stable Diffusion. ‘Mirage’ is another platform that easily generates 3D images based on the prompts given. ‘Interior AI’ is another platform that designers can use for interior designing. It can be used for image rendering and can turn text into specific images. ‘Imglarger’, an AI tool, is ideal for editing, resizing, improving, and cleaning up images to make them look much better. ‘Flair’ is another platform that creates brand images for more originality.

Sixth, there are certain tools for monitoring websites and systems. ‘Browse’ is one of the AI tools dedicated to website owners or managers as it monitors competitors’ websites in real-time. ‘Com’ is another AI platform that is used to generate 100 pages optimized for specific-use cases. It is like a website page analysis tool based on certain keywords or terms. ‘TimelyAI’ is another platform that allows you to organize your schedule using WhatsApp. ‘Nuclia’ is used to create a real-time search engine for your site, app, API, or extension.

Seventh, there are a couple of efficient AI marketing tools. Those who are poor at email writing, ‘Smart Writer’ is a perfect tool for you. The tool uses AI to understand people’s prospects and write personalized emails to them for more productivity. You can also use the presentation AI tool to create presentations that you can even use in meetings. ‘Pencil’ is another AI tool that can be used to produce engagement-driven promotions within minutes. ‘PatentPal’ is a platform that can be used to automate the mechanical writing required for a patent. ‘Mutiny’ is an AI platform that can be used to identify and A/B test your website or another platform. Finally, ‘Mintlify’ is an AI tool ideal for creating beautiful documentation that can be used by users in real time.

All these AI tools are ideal for use by anyone. However, you need to find a specific one for the tasks you want to undergo. Some of these tools are free to use while some are premium. People need to find an all-around platform that will make their work easier. The future is AI, and people need to find the perfect platform to automate their tasks. Therefore, try and research on the best tool for your tasks.

The writer is CTO & director, Centre of Information Technology at IoBM.

He tweets imranbatada and can be reached at: