BTS' Jin reveals his night-time routine with fans

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February 01, 2023

BTS member Jin says he likes to wear soft pajamas with pockets at night

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BTS' Jin reveals his night-time routine with fans

BTS’ Jin has shared his night routine with ARMY in his recent interview with Weverse, Koreaboo reported.

The 30-year-old singer said that “I like pajamas with pockets. I tend to wear soft pajamas with pockets.”

He further said that “I go camping sometimes. When you’re camping, you can smell the grass and the scent of the outdoors. The scent you can smell in the countryside and in nature. I’d like my bedroom to smell like nature.”

BTS eldest member added that “I sleep with the curtains open. People need photosynthesis, too. I always have the blackout curtains closed except for at night but I open them before bed.”

"I don’t really toss and turn in my sleep. If I go to sleep like this, I wake up like this. This is how I sleep ad I wake up in the same position. In the morning I open the blanket and got work. When I’m back from work, the blanket is right where I left it. This is my life," Jin continued.

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