Our only choice?

February 01, 2023

Though the TTP, at the time of writing, has denied responsibility for the suicide attack in Peshawar, it should be obvious to all that the banned outfit has no intention of keeping the peace. Even if they are, indeed, not behind this attack, they have been responsible for several similar ones and have consistently refused to come to terms with the state. It seems what our military operations achieved in the past few years in terms of reducing the risk of terror attacks is being slowly wiped away. These terror groups are getting back to their nefarious ways. It is quite clear from the history of these groups that their aims and objectives are something very sinister and have nothing to do with the religion of Islam or the well-being of the people. They just want power and they will keep shedding our blood until we decide to rid ourselves of these anti-state elements once and for all. An inconsistent approach will not bear any results and this cancer of terrorism will keep rearing its ugly head again and again.

Anas A Khan