Pia Bajpee reveals rejecting projects due to ‘unnecessary skin show’

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January 28, 2023

Pia Bajpee reveals the logic behind her work choices

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Pia Bajpee reveals the logic behind her work choices

Pia Bajpee was successful in impressing audience through her work in Laal Rang. In a recent interview, she opens up about how she rejected projects due to ‘unnecessary skin show.’

She said, “Watching films on silver screen transforms the content into larger-than-life experience. There is a big difference between digital and theatrical release. Personally, I can never be happy if my films are directly released on OTT. But, in today’s scenario, things are very unpredictable and actors have very less say in this aspect. Also, till date, it’s difficult for me to decode a hit or a flop on digital platforms.”

She further added, “Definition of good work is different for different actors. For me it is and will be that I don’t want to be part of something vulgar and tasteless. I have said no to quite a number of projects due to unnecessary skin show. I can’t take up things that I’m uncomfortable doing and watching it on screen. That’s the reason you will see me doing only meaningful characters — be it in regional space. Films like Ko, Laal... or Dalam have proved me right in so many ways.”

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