Prince Andrew non-private move will not help 'run royal estates'

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January 28, 2023

Prince Andrew does not want to step back from his role in royal duties

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Prince Andrew non-private move will not help 'run royal estates'

Prince Andrew wants to turn a blind eye public hostility towards him, claims an expert.

Royal author Richard Fitzgerald notes how the Duke of York does not want to live a life away from the spotlight.

In a conversation with Fox Digital, Mr Fitzgerald says: “It is true that he no longer occupies rooms at Buckingham Palace, though this will doubtless be explained away as part of the 10-year renovation of the palace, it is a sign that King Charles and the Prince of Wales are determined that he should in the future be on the periphery of royal life," Mr Fitzwilliams told Fox Digital.

"They are all too aware of the public’s hostility toward him [and] the aura of entitlement… He does not seem inclined to live quietly, privately, possibly to help run the royal estates, which would make sense, " he noted.

This comes as King Charles asked Prince Andrew to move out of Buckingham Palace.en

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