January 22, 2023

Polite Society is about impolite women, says Nimra Bucha

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The past couple of years have been creatively fertile for actor Nimra Bucha, who found herself starring in superhero series Ms. Marvel, the critically-acclaimed Kamli, and right after the release of both, had revealed to Instep that she had just signed on to do something she was very excited about, but couldn’t reveal who or what was involved.

Then last week, all mysteries unraveled with the trailer for Polite Society, a film written and directed by British-Pakistani filmmaker Nida Manzoor, known for TV series We Are Lady Parts.

The trailer takes us bang into the world of Ria Khan, an aspiring stuntwoman, cheered on by her sister Nina. But when Nina starts dating a man Ria can only describe as a “smarmy w*nker”, Ria’s spidey senses go in overdrive.

As – according to the trailer – Nina’s wedding day approaches, Ria starts finding her future brother-in-law and his doting (on him) mother more and more sus, irking the perpetually smiling in-law-to-be, played deliciously evil by Nimra Bucha, and irritating her sister.

Bucha only has a few words to say about Polite Society, so far: “[the film] is about unlikeable women behaving badly, and thus is a must-watch.”

Unlikeable Women Behaving Badly is ironically the working title of the unofficial Instep memoir, which we hope gets turned into a movie, in which Nimra Bucha will agree to star. Fingers crossed.

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