Prince Harry warned he’s becoming a ‘laughing stock’

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January 14, 2023

Prince Harry ‘no more than a laughing stock’ Infront of the Royal Family

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Prince Harry has just been ridiculed for reducing himself to nothing more than a laughing stock.

PR and brand expert Nick Ede brought this claim to light while referencing Prince Harry’s decision to publicize his memoir on The Late Show.

He believes Prince Harry managed to open himself to ‘ridicule’ with this decision.

According to a report by the Daily Mail he said, “Stephen Colbert is well known for poking fun at his guests and with Harry, he has the perfect ammunition to fire in all directions - at Harry himself and the Royal Family.”

“The problem with all of the attention that Harry is getting and creating himself is that he’s saturating the market and in doing so diluting his appeal and mystique and inadvertently building the appeal of the British Royal Family.”

Before concluding he even warned, “If his idea was to break down the walls and reveal the truth about the monarchy he has failed and in doing so he himself will have to build a fortress around himself and his new family due to the constant ridicule he is receiving in a hope to keep himself safe in more ways than one.”

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