Taylor Swift says Sadie Sink is 'a force to watch and a pleasure to know'

Sadie Sink starred in Taylor Swift's short film 'All Too Well' which premiered at TIFF in September 2022

By Web Desk
December 18, 2022


Taylor Swift penned a glowing honour for her All Too Well star Sadie Sink as one of Entertainment Weekly’s 2022 Entertainers of the Year.

“Sadie Sink is a remarkable presence on screen, on stage, and on set,” Swift began.

“While watching the monitors during the filming of the short film we made together, I often found myself transfixed by the effortlessness and complexity of her performance. Scratch that, because it didn't feel like a performance at all. Her grief, her hope, her loss — it all felt real,” the singer said of her directorial debut short film.

“I often tell people that Sadie's face is so transparent, you can even see the thoughts she almost has.”

The Anti-Hero hitmaker continued to detail the success of the Stranger Things star and commending her “harrowing performance” as Max Mayfield on Stranger Things season 4.

Of Sink’s performance in Aronofsky's The Whale, which also stars Brendan Fraser, Swift commended her skills to show the “level of versatility and emotional dexterity” as the complex and defiant estranged daughter Ellie of Fraser’s character.

Swift then added, “She is a force to watch and a pleasure to know. I'll continue to feel just as lucky to watch from afar as she lights up the screen, tells new stories, and shows us new sides of herself: multifaceted and brilliant, dark and unhinged, twinkly and full of promise.”

Swift concluded the tribute, “This artist contains multitudes, and we get to look on as she courageously unveils them.”