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Henry Cavill's Superman returns in DC Universe already dead?

DC Universe is changing fast, which makes 'Man of Steel' find it hard to find his place

By Web Desk
December 10, 2022
Henry Cavill's Superman returns in DC Universe already dead?

Henry Cavill’s Superman bombastic return to DC might soon be over before it starts, as the studio is eyeing a major overhaul.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the new DC chiefs are moving forward with their plans to change the DC universe entirely. The axe may be dropped on Henry Cavill's Superman during this process.

The report notes several "rumors and possible scenarios" about DC's future, one in which matters are mulled to cancel Cavill starrer Man of Steel sequel. On top of that, Cavill shot a cameo for the upcoming The Flash; however, there are plans to nix it.

Not to mention, Cavill returned to Superman in a Black Adam cameo, which was much-publicized by The Rock for weeks. After the movie's release, Cavill came to Instagram, proclaiming, "I am back as Superman."

However, Cavill's Superman 15-second cameo seems to be his last as the preparations are underway to toe-tagged him back into the Phantom Zone.