I hope the year 2023 is better for artists and art lovers. Good going, Team Us! Keep up the good work....

By US Desk
December 09, 2022


Dear Ed,


It has been a good year as far as Us is concerned. I have enjoyed the cover stories a lot as they had a lot of variety: entertainment, sports, mental health, science, education, stories, etc. The only section neglected by Us is art. The beautiful back cover art had become a hallmark of Us, but this year I saw very little of it. I hope the year 2023 is better for artists and art lovers. Good going, Team Us! Keep up the good work.

Zahra Siddiqui, Karachi

Hey Ed,

In this week’s issue (2 December), I loved the quiz on football. It was timely and fun, and I got 50 percent answers right. The cover story ‘Overcoming readers block in 2022’ was good as well because it had quite a few books I had not heard about. I was happy to see that Sarah J. Maas made your list. She is absolutely amazing and I am a very ardent fan of hers. I think there should have been a section on books that we all have been waiting to be published for a long time like ‘The Winds of Winter’ by GRRM and ‘The Doors of Stone’ by Patrick Rothfuss.

Faiza Anwer, Lahore

Hi Eddy,

I would like to bring to your attention something very terrible. The teachers of University of Karachi have not been paid their salaries. They have decided to boycott classes till the payment of salaries. I think the concerned government officials should make it their priority to look into the matter and prevent the disruption of classes.

A KU Student

Hello Eddy,

‘Sauces from around the world’ was a fun read! I think it is good for us to know the history of everything we use and interact with in life. This way we are able to appreciate our blessings in a better way.

On Instagram these days, I see a lot of young people making food related content that is inspired by history. I really enjoying watching Nadir Nahdi from the UK and Sahini from India make delicacies from their culture and talk about their history while they cook. Keep publishing such informative articles.

Sonia Vijay, Sukkur


Narrated Ubada bin As-Samit (R.A):

I gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet (S.A.W) with a group of people, and he said, ‘I take your pledge that you will not worship anything besides Allah, will not steal, will not commit infanticide, will not slander others by forging false statements and spreading it, and will not disobey me in anything good. And whoever among you fulfill all these (obligations of the pledge), his reward is with Allah. And whoever commits any of the above crimes and receives his legal punishment in this world, that will be his expiation and purification. But if Allah screens his sin, it will be up to Allah, Who will either punish or forgive him according to His wish.’ Abu Abdullah said: ‘If a thief repents after his hand has been cut off, then his witness well be accepted. Similarly, if any person upon whom any legal punishment has been inflicted, repents, his witness will be accepted.’

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 81, Number 793


Lubna Khalid


Shermeen Zuberi

Tooba Ghani

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