Educational institutions asked to keep eye on drugs use by students

December 05, 2022

Islamabad : The top cops of the federal capital, comprehend the frighteningly hiking trend of the use of drugs, and illegal and anti-social activities in the premises of the educational institutions of Islamabad, and warned the administrative circles of the learning cores, to watch the activities of the students as well as those involved in providing drugs to them in the educational institution.

Inspector General of Police Islamabad, Dr. Akbar Nasir, wrote letters to the heads of all educational institutions, informing them of the illegal activities and developing trend of the use of narcotics without any resistance from the administration. The IGP asked the administrative heads of the institutions to keep in touch with the relevant police authorities to inform them about suspicious activities, especially the use of drugs on the premises of their educational institutions.

“With your cooperation and timely information about any illegal activity, the Islamabad police will extend all-out support and assistance in this regard and shall take legal action with the help of district administration against all offenders to eliminate the menace of violent extremism, drugs, and other activities,” the IGP concluded in his letter to the heads of the educational institution.