New updates in Meta Quest Pro include feature to record what you see

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December 03, 2022

The Quest 2 has been swiftly demoted to a supporting position in Meta's array of VR headsets

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The Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset and its new controllers.— Scott Stein/CNET

Tech experts and writers wished the $1,499 Meta Quest Pro headset could have captured mixed reality at its launch so they could have shown us what they observed during testing. Version 47 of the software, which unlocks that capability, has already started to roll out to certain users and will shortly reach the rest of them.

When utilising this software that combines your real world with a virtual one, you'll be able to hit record, Cameron Faulkner from The Verge explains. The video below shows how grainy it appears there. It's good that this function was added so soon after the headset's release.

Background audio playback is the other upcoming Quest Pro-specific feature. You can use the headset to load a browser version of your streaming service so you can listen while playing games or attempting to connect to coworkers in Horizon Workrooms.

The Quest 2 has been swiftly demoted to a supporting position in Meta's array of VR headsets. For the first time, new, exciting features for the $399.99 ($349 for the holidays) headset are all but completely absent in this software update. Faulkner hope this is not a trend that continues; perhaps the ageing hardware can't handle these specific additions.

However, both Quest 2 and Pro users will soon receive a few small updates. You'll be able to view how you appear in a new mirror positioned in your home setting while you alter the appearance of your avatar in virtual reality.

The mobile software for iOS and Android has also been updated by Meta, with a focus on making it simpler to notice when friends are online. In order to make it easier to share what you're seeing in the headset with others, it is taking on a more widget-like appearance.

"We’re bringing your VR friends front and centre on the Meta Quest Mobile app, so it’s simple to see when they’re online, what they’re up to, send them a message or start playing together," Meta said in a statement.

"To make things easy for the gift-givers in your life, you can make your Wishlist on the Meta Quest Store public so your friends and family know what virtual reality (VR) games you’re hoping to snag this year," Meta also said.

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