BTS RM dishes on album 'Indigo', collaborations with Erykah Badu, Anderson .Paak

BTS RM gets candid about his solo album 'Indigo' and more in latest interview with Variety

By Web Desk
December 02, 2022
BTS RM dishes on album ‘Indigo’, collaborations with Erykah Badu, Anderson .Paak

BTS member RM is the second one from the band to release a solo album this year. Indigo is RM’s first solo project and the title track Wild Flower has came out just recently on December 2, 2022.

RM has widely included featured appearances on almost every track in his album. The fun fact is one of the two songs that don’t feature anyone is called Lonely.

In a Zoom interview with Variety, RM talked about his collaborations with the American artist Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak as well as Korean singer Youjeen.

He also shared on how the BTS members’ individual profiles with solo projects will make the band a stronger unit.

When asked about why he picked Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak for collaboration, the Left and Right singer responded.

“In some point of the process to make a track, I suddenly feel that if some specific frequency actually appears on the track, then, 'Oh, this track’s gonna be a whole ‘nother level,' or it could sound more completed. So with both Erykah and Anderson, those two were the only consideration for each track. And especially Erykah: she’s a queen with her own castle.”

He went on further, “And I hope that there is a specific message in the track. So I thought that if this comes through with her voice and her narrative and her history, then it could be more convincing — like, way more convincing — than a young 20-year-old artist saying that you should be a human and you should keep silent before you do something. “

“And I just love her 'spelling' voice — that when you listen to her voice, it’s like casting a spell on somebody."

The Run BTS star while talking about Anderson revealed, "You know, everybody knows Anderson, and everybody loves his own funky vibe and his aura and energy. And actually, he’s our friend. He helped on our last singles, playing drums, and live. So it came out really natural.”

When asked about the surprising elements of the album as it is based on 10 tracks in total, eight of which are in collaboration with other artist from America and South Korea, and the expectations of the fans the 28-year-old BTS alum stated,

“Its 10 tracks, and basically I had collaboration with them on eight tracks. And then the second would be that, actually, the 10 tracks have their own 10 different genres, sound-wise. Before this album, I think I would get stuck on a specific concept or genre or texture. This time, I just tried to write like a diary.”

He continued, “I think before this album, I was always concentrating on wanting to prove something to people. Like, ‘I just want to make you guys listen to this. I want to just share my thoughts. Please listen to this!’ This time I was focusing on expanding my personal thoughts to something universal, so people can approach it and think it could be their own stories, too.”

While reflecting on the impact of individual projects of the members of BTS may have on the band, the Wild Flower singer detailed,

“You know, when you start music, not many people consider or imagine they could be in some serious team, or a group. You know, especially the rappers — it’s not a band,. So when I started in music, it was the same same for me too, because I never thought that I could do music as a team.”

He continued, “But still, I’ve been doing this thing with my friends who they call BTS for a decade. So I think to extend and to expand the range of BTS, as we’re now 30, if there is more maybe some individual stuff, because the seven members are all grown-ups and they’re all different and they’ve got their own different things and pros and cons… I think it’s the time to show the individuals to the world.”

“And I think that could extend the range of BTS, and maybe for us, too. Because when you do it as a team, you lose yourself, sometimes, easily. So I think the solo thing is actually just a natural and a healthy way to maybe keep the persona as a BTS member as well.” He added.

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