Lady Susan Hussey is not 'provocatively racist', says Queen aide

Lady Susan Hussey served the Royal family with 'care' and 'compassion', says aide

By Web Desk
December 01, 2022

Lady Susan Hussey is being supported by Queen Elizabeth Ii former aides amid racist row.

In a conversation with Daily Mail, a staff member said: "No question, Lady Susan has been thrown under a bus and it is a massive overreaction.

"Where was anyone standing up saying, 'Wait a moment, this is a woman who has travelled to every corner of the planet and met people from every ethnic background. Is it really likely that she would be deliberately, provocatively racist?' I don't think so."

Another veteran courtier questioned: "Where is their duty of care and compassion towards a much-loved member of staff who has led an exemplary life of service and dedication to the monarchy?

"The speed with which this has taken place does not just damage Lady Susan's reputation but that of the institution as well.

"Shouldn't there have been some kind of calm, considered investigation? Instead it looks like the reaction has been driven by social media."

This comes after Buckingham Palace issued a quick apology after Hussey made a racist remark on a Royal guest.