King Charles’ response to Buckingham Palace race row laid bare

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December 01, 2022

King Charles will campaign ‘more powerfully’ against racism after a close aide was accused of racist remarks

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King Charles will campaign ‘more powerfully’ against racism and prejudice within the Royal Firm now that he is monarch, The Sun has said after a close royal aide was forced to resign after being accused of racism.

After Buckingham Palace announced Lady Sarah Hussey’s resignation in light of allegations that she made racist comments to a guest at a Palace event over the weekend, The Sun backed King Charles’ efforts to curb racism within the royal household.

According to The Sun: “As Prince of Wales, Charles campaigned tirelessly against racism and for diversity. He and Camilla will do so yet more powerfully as King and Queen. If prejudice does still linger among a few courtiers, neither it nor they will last long.”

The outlet also lauded the Palace for its swift response to racist accusations, saying: “The Palace’s rapid and robust response is more revealing about whether such archaic attitudes are ¬tolerated there. They plainly are not.:

The article also pointed out that despite Lady Sarah Hussey’s influence within the royal family, in her capacity as William’s godmother and a longtime aide of the late Queen Elizabeth, she was forced to resign with immediate effect.

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