December 01, 2022

This refers to the letter ‘Harmful App’ (November 29, 2022) by Abdul Sattar. The letter highlights the negative aspects of TikTok. Today, social media apps run on algorithms that track and build a model of our preferences. Hence, the content that comes up in our feeds is tailored to match our tastes, ensuring we spend as much time on the app as possible.

In short, as far as negative content is concerned, a person gets the type of content they deserve. Furthermore, while there is no downplaying the addictive properties of these apps, a simple solution would be to delete apps if one feels that they are taking a toll on their mental health. Instead, one can download more useful and productive apps. While this will take some will power, young adults competent enough to go to university should be more than capable of doing so.

Abdul Basit Khan