Johnny Depp ‘fueled his disgust’ by ‘drinking, hitting’ Amber Heard?

Amber Heard’s mother ‘knew’ Johnny Depp ‘made a mess of things’

By Web Desk
November 30, 2022

File Footage

Amber Heard’s mother reportedly saw ‘timely’ images of the bruises allegedly left by Johnny Depp and ‘knew’ he made a mess of things.

This claim has been brought to light in extracted text messages exchanged between Amber and her mother.

The document features an exchange by Paige Heard, Amber’s mother.

This comes despite rumored support by Heard’s mother in audio recordings that were presented to the court.

It features a conversation where her mother says, “Your dad or I would fly out today if it would help. It sounds like you need someone now. I can charge it so you don’t need to pay and no one needs to know.”

She also went as far as to allege “I am guessing that he ‘knows’ he’s [expletive] up and that’s fueling his disgust and he drinks more. And you are trapped in and by that cycle. Amber, honey, I am so very sorry this is happening to you. You brought NONE of this on”.

The text exchange also goes onto feature images of bruises shared by Heard, which her mother reacts to by saying, “Oh my baby. Has he stayed this way since then!”