Victoria Beckham left in ‘tears’ as backlash against David intensifies: 'She’s losing friends'

Victoria Beckham under so much stress as she's losing friends because of David Beckham's Qatar World Cup ambassadorship

By Web Desk
November 30, 2022

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Victoria Beckham is feeling like she is "losing" her celebrity pals because of he husband David Beckham's association with controversial Qatar World Cup.

The fashion designer has been stressing over the fact that their reputation has been damaged beyond repair because close friends have made it clear that they are upset with the sports star’s big-money deal.

“Vic feels like the recent backlash against David and the family has been more intense than ever before,” a source told Closer Magazine. “As a result, she’s been in tears, she’s really stressed and not sleeping.”

“She just wants the crisis in their lives and marriage to blow over but there’s a worry that ignoring the drama could make things even worse,” the insider shared. “Brand Beckham has really been through the ringer and she’s devastated at what this could mean for their future.”

Many of Victoria and David’s close friends like Melanie C, Elton John, and DJ Fat Tony are supporting the protests regarding the World Cup being held in Qatar, a country accused of abusing human rights.

“Vic has vowed to stand by David but she feels she’s losing friends in the fashion industry and has found herself ignored by A-list pals including Elton John,” the insider noted. “It’s put them under so much strain and is very upsetting.

“Many of her friends feel sad that she is not taking a stand, especially all of Vic’s gay friends who have been messaging asking why she isn’t saying anything.

“It’s no surprise that many people in the fashion industry are completely against what is going on in Qatar right now. Victoria gets it, but she can’t turn her back on David.

Victoria Beckham thinks it's "not fair" for David Beckham to "have all this backlash," the source said, adding, "She’s hoping they can ride out the storm together – but friends worry that the stress of it all will become too hard to bear."