Prince Andrew, Harry ‘embarrassed’ as King Charles ‘lifts the rug from right under’

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November 26, 2022

Prince Andrew, Prince Harry are feeling snubbed by King Charles’ latest move

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King Charles has reportedly embarrassed and surprised Prince Andrew and¬ Prince Harry with his decision to remove them as Counselors of State.

Daily Mirror Royal Editor Russell Myers made this admission during his interview on The Royal Beat’s True Royalty.

There, he started by addressing the removal of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry from the position of Counsellors of State.

He even went as far as to point out how, “The fact is, they didn’t want to remove them completely, because that would have been terribly embarrassing, and Charles is all about unity within the family.”

“[But] he does understand that there is public feeling towards those two in particular... I think some people are aggrieved at how Harry had gone about treating his family.”

“There was obviously an awful lot of support for the way he did leave the family and chose his own destiny, but I don’t think people agree with the fact that if you leave, you should then be able to deputise for the monarch!”¬

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