Queen Camilla ‘waited in the wings’ for King Charles, Diana’s marriage to fall apart?

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November 18, 2022

Queen Consort Camilla allegedly ‘waited in the wings’ as ‘cheerleader’ amid breakdown of Charles, Diana's marriage

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Queen Consort Camilla has been married to King Charles for 17 years, after allegedly ‘waiting in the wings’ as a ‘cheerleader’ during the breakdown of Charles’ first marriage to the late Princess Diana.

The remarks came from royal author and expert Andrew Morton, who once secretly corresponded with Diana herself for an explosive biography titled Diana: Her True Story in 1992, during a recent chat with Insider.

As per Morton, Camilla, formerly Parker-Bowles, had known the then-Prince of Wales for most of his life and served as a comforting shoulder for him during his tumultuous marriage to Diana.

The author told Insider: “He (Charles) has known Camilla for most of his lifetime. She has been a steady cheerleader waiting in the wings to console and comfort him…”

He added: “… in the way that he always really wanted somebody who would be a companion, but also who would be number two.”

Morton also claimed that in contrast, Diana’s popularity unnerved Charles, who struggled with accepting her stardom and that she ‘overshadowed’ him.

Morton said: “She (Diana) was the star of the show and he wasn't. And it was something that he found very difficult to take.”

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