Queen took Charles’ inheritance to pay off Prince Andrew’s Giuffre settlement?

Prince Andrew’s Virginia Giuffre settlement paid by King Charles?

By Web Desk
November 16, 2022

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Prince Andrew’s accuser has reportedly been paid off using a large chunk of King Charles’ inheritance.

This insight has come in reference to Prince Andrew’s out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre who required sums Prince Andrew ‘simply didn’t have’.

According to reports by the National Enquirer's inside source, “Charles apparently realized the millions Her Majesty wanted to spend to bail out Andrew would effectively come out of his own inheritance – and he made his mother an offer too dangerous to ignore.”

This is in reference to King Charles’ bid to have Camilla named Queen in order to ‘rule by his side’.

A palace courtier made this revelation and before concluding they revealed, “If Her Majesty refused his proposal, Charles would reject Andrew's settlement deal, plunging the royals into yet another scandal.”