King Charles III accused of ‘almost murdering’ Diana with a bootjack

King Charles allegedly once threw an iron bootjack at Diana's head, as per his former valet

By Web Desk
November 15, 2022

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King Charles and Princess Diana’s dysfunctional marriage is no secret, but latest revelations in a new royal book suggest that the monarch once almost killed his late wife during a particularly harsh argument between the two.

The explosive claim comes from royal expert Christopher Andersen who, in his latest book about the new monarch titled The King: The Life of Charles III, suggests that the royal couple had roaring tempers that turned violent enough to scare their security personnel.

Talking to Fox News about his book, Andersen said of King Charles: “He has a huge temper. I mean, it’s an incredible temper. The tantrums constantly and throwing a bootjack at her.”

“It’s a heavy wooden device for putting on hunting boots, and it’s made of iron and wood. He threw it at Diana’s head and just missed her,” he further stated.

Andersen then cited the then-Prince Charles’ former valet Ken Stronach as recalling that “Charles, in the middle of an argument with Diana, grabbed a heavy wooden bootjack and threw it at her, missing the princess’s head by inches.”

In his book, Andersen further shared how royal protection officers had to put the firepower at royal residences under lock and key so as to avoid any untoward incident in the ‘heat of anger’ between Charles and Diana.