Prince Harry completely ‘trampling on the hearts’ all around

Prince Harry has been blasted for trying to ‘trample’ on the hearts of royals

By Web Desk
November 06, 2022

Prince Harry and the Royal Family’s attempts to trample on the hearts of his loved ones.

These claims have been made by royal author and biographer Tom Bower, in his interview with OK! Magazine.

He began everything by admitting, “I think Charles will be fearful. If the book does contain the criticisms I fear it will, it could be damaging for Charles.”

“It'll challenge him in a way that will be very, very difficult in his coronation year. 'How much worse can it get?' he must think.”

This has come in reference to Prince Harry’s memoir title of Spare which points towards his dissatisfaction with being the “spare to the throne.”

After all “The title sets the tone. You don't call your book 'Spare' if you don't want to provoke a reaction. I think [he's implying] he was cast off, pushed aside, made to feel irrelevant and unwanted.”