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With Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visiting Karachi a day after meeting Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Raheel Sharif, the former was expected to discuss significant aspects of the issues faced by Karachi. Early media reports indicate that not only did ...
Kamila Hyat
As always, it comes back to the same issues. One reason we find ourselves faced with a sea of problems lies in our inability over the past six and a half decades to put in place a working education system that is consistently able to produce ...
One of the main reasons for over 1,200 deaths in Karachi, beside the killer heatwave, was acute shortage of water, forcing people to buy tankers at exorbitant rates to meet their needs. The Karachi Water & Sewage Board (KWSB) claims that certain ...
Benazir’s struggle to protect people of Pakistan
James Shera
Posted : Jun 21, 2015
Burma burns with persecution of Muslims
Barrister Amjad Malik
Posted : Jun 14, 2015
Rohingya's Muslims and Pakistan’s minorities
Navyd Nafys
Posted : Jun 07, 2015