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The strange system in the country in which a person can be arrested and charges brought against him or her merely on the basis of a First Information Report has been questioned by the National Police Bureau. The bureau has pointed out that Pakistan ...
Babar Sattar
Legal eye
We seem to be losing our sense of proportion and balance as a society. Lawyers may have let idealists down when they failed to take the rule of law movement to its logical conclusion. They may have the proclivity to resort to ...
The fake degree scandal sheds a very unfavourable light on Pakistan internationally. This is visible from the reaction of our government, which acted quite quickly in clamping down on the servers and offices of the infamous organisation. The ...
Helmet must for all: a blessing or bane?
Hafiz Muhammad Noman
Posted : May 28, 2015
Senseless rise of religious fundamentalism
Shahid Khan
Posted : May 17, 2015
UK elections and minorities
Nasir Saeed
Posted : May 13, 2015