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Visits by foreign leaders to Islamabad follow a familiar script. There is much bonhomie as heads of state pledge everlasting friendship and vows to increase trade. These promises are then dutifully written up without ever exploring what they mean ...
Harris Khalique
Brainstorm. What comes to your mind when speaking of some fundamental contradictions within the Pakistani state and society, from the time of independence 66 years ago until now?
Between the native and the immigrant, the West Pakistani and the ...
This refers to Amanat Ali Chaudhry’s letter, ‘Looking at inequality’ (April 14). When we speak of poverty, there are three stakeholders: the government, the rich and the poor. It’s generally believed that if there’s greater development and ...
Being: Liverpool

Posted : Apr 06, 2014
When protectors become persecutors

Posted : Apr 03, 2014