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Imran Khan’s travelling party made its way to Karachi and the PTI chief can be reasonably happy with how it went. The turnout was high – certainly a much larger crowd descended on the Quaid’s mausoleum than can be found at D-Chowk – and his speech ...
Amir Zia
In the camp of our ‘democratic forces’, perhaps it is the time for some celebrations if not declaration of an outright victory. Most of our parliamentarians – barring those belonging to Imran Khan’s PTI and his few allies – managed to close ranks ...
Bilawal Bhutto has said that the previous election was widely rigged, and that evidence of this would be presented at the October anniversary of the Karsaz bombing, when over 100 PPP workers were killed while taking part in a caravan led by his ...
Media Amidst Crossfire
Aizaz Imtiaz
Posted : Sep 08, 2014
The Real Revolution
Syed Sarosh Mahdi
Posted : Sep 06, 2014
You have let us down, Mr Khan!

Posted : Aug 17, 2014
I stopped my wife from working, but...
Ashar Zaidi
Posted : Aug 03, 2014