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Pemra has been ‘called upon’ to suspend, and eventually cancel, the licences of Geo TV. Rules are being used from the Pemra Ordinance pertaining to the “sovereignty, integrity and security” of the country. Precedents are dangerous things. Should ...
Kamila Hyat
We have become so accustomed to death, and the many forms it comes in, that it no longer frightens us or creates anything more than a few discussions, some shaking of heads, a small protest – if even that.
Yes, news such as the shooting of Hamid ...
A single dam in China, the Three Gorges Dam, produces enough electricity (22.5MW) to rival the entire power generation capacity in Pakistan, around 22MW. India has the third largest pool of trained scientific manpower in the world, after the US and ...
No ceasefire: No good news for innocents
Abdul Hafeez
Posted : Apr 17, 2014
Being: Liverpool

Posted : Apr 06, 2014
When protectors become persecutors
Syed Taha Ahmed
Posted : Apr 03, 2014