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Kirthar Canal breach lets out torrent towards Nodero
 LARKANA: The breach in Kirthar Canal widened to 100 feet near Sheranpur village, unleashing huge torrents that are fast headed towards Rato Dero and Nodero, Geo News reported Wednesday.

According to sources privy to Irrigation Department, the efforts are afoot to divert the current from the breach towards Shahdadkot.

Meantime, the erosion of Thatta’s Soorjani Bund has put the urban areas also on jeopardy.

The educational institutions have been further closed for another three days in Hyderabad and for one more week in Thatta.

DCO Larkana Hasan Naqvi has issued warning to the residents of Rato Dero and Nodero to remain on guard in view of imminent flooding, as the Kirthar-gushed torrents have hitherto gulped over 25 villages.

The surging river water has started to cut into Larkana’s Akil Agani Loop Bund near a breach in the bund with the pathway blocked thanks to unavailability of the machinery and no work could be jump-started to plug the erosion.

Severe stormy winds have spawned the flood torrent to mount acute pressure on protective embankments of bunds including Soorjani and Munarki in Thatta.

Rapid erosion is occurring to four-km long stretch of Soorjani Bund, giving spur to panic among the localities abutting this bund. Jawans of Pak Army and Pak Navy have landed in the area to buttress the embankments.

DCO Thatta extended the holidays of all government and private educational institutions by one more week; while, Hyderabad’s district administrator Aftab Khatri also announced to keep all government and private colleges and schools closed till August 27.
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