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May 11 will bring victory for PML-N, claims Shahbaz

- May 03, 2013 - Updated 1810 PKT - From Web Edition

LALA MUSA: Former Punjab Chief Minister and PML-N leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that the 11th of May will bring victory for his party.


Addressing a public meeting at Lala Musa on Friday‚ Shahbaz Sharif said the same person is writing speeches of PPP and PTI leaders as they dubbed the Metro Bus Service as ‘Jangla Bus Service’.


The PML-N leader said that character assassination is being carried out of his party leadership.


He said after returning to power‚ ‘thana culture’ will be reviewed and the Police will be made a smart force.

Reader Comments
Nawaz and Shahnaz both big Chaalbaaz. Don't trust them, they are only taking their turn to loot Pakistan for next government term. After them the job of looting will be done by Zardaris.

PPP will win with majority in all provinces.We will never forget OUR BELOVED QUAID E AWAM. WE will bring revolution in Police.Police Officers will be vey polite and our detectives will use modern technology.We will provide them with SOP..STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES AND NEW POST ORDERS.We will give them comprehensive trainings.There will be no crime in Pakistan because we know that right now Police itself is crime.

Honest, sincere and those love country will win and not thieves, thugs, corrupts, liars, greedy criminals alike PML-N group.

Kamran, Khan Pur, Pakistan
sureee...and along with the victory will come another 5 years when they will make hundreds of promises and fulfill none. The poor will become poorer and rich will become richer...hmmm..

This is so funny. Mian sahab please stop copying everything that Imran Khan says and has in PTI manifesto. Rather than Big Cat, PML(N) symbol should be Copy Cat.

M Khan
All words service, they will go into hibernation as soon as Election overs and come back after 5 years. Appeal to all Pakistani voters...we already have tried PML-N, Peoples party...why not PTI this time

syed mohsin
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