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Pakistan not granted consular access to Sanaullah: Bashir

- May 03, 2013 - Updated 1615 PKT - From Web Edition

NEW DELHI: Pakistani High Commissioner, Salman Bashir has demanded that India carry out an investigation over the attack on Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah by a fellow inmate in a prison in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He further demanded that the attacker, who was also a former soldier of the Indian Army, be brought to justice.


The Pakistani High Commissioner and other officials met with officials from the Indian External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi on Friday.


During the meeting, Bashir said Sanaullah’s condition is critical and Pakistan had not been given consular access to Sanaullah as yet, adding that access should be granted to them immediately.


Bashir also said that over fifty Pakistani prisoners held in India have completed their sentences and should be released immediately.


The attack on the Pakistani prisoner comes a day after convicted Indian spy Sarabjit Singh died after being bludgeoned with bricks by fellow inmates at a Pakistani prison.


Sanaullah, who is currently in critical care at a hospital in Jammu city was imprisoned in 1999 and in 2009 sentenced to life in prison for being a Pakistani militant operating in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Reader Comments
Who is behind this latest flare-up of tension is baffling because no suspicions are ever show cased in the media. Everybody looks so sweet and innocent. A tit-for-tat action reaction is going on and has 'become business as usual.' What disaster will befall fishermen on both sides, one only surmises. 'Monkey see, monkey do.' Salams

N Habib
where are the neo liberals and nedia outlets who were crying foul at the incident of sarabjit singh, ahhh

Khan of Kalabagh
No need for any investigation. The timing of the attack, location of injuries and even degree on GCS is almost the same. That is more than enough to show who and why the attack was so tit-for-tat, except being premeditated in addition.

what a joke?? Indians have proven to be as bad as us at having no basic decency. In case of Surbjit it was clearly a judicial murder made worse by the callousness/incompetence of the relevant authorities. Not one for being left behind...Indians have also proven that they are as ethically bankrupt as we are!! It is a shameful indictment of all south asians..

OOOHHHH these Indian Bastards

syed mohsin
The Indian embassy in Pakistan wasnt permitted "consular access" to Sarabjit as well. And no doubt the babus in both the Pakistan and the Indian embassy were secretly pleased in not having to visit a smelly prisoner in a smelly jail. So why are they complaining?

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