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Sherazi brothers quit PPP

- April 09, 2013 - Updated 1830 PKT - From Web Edition

THATTA: Sherazi brothers have announced to quit Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and to contest as an independent candidates in the forthcoming general elections.


Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Shafqat Shah Sherazi said that he was disheartened by behaviour of the PPP.


He said that Riaz Shah Sherazi would contest for NA-237 while the chief of Sherazi Group Ijaz Shah Sherazi for PS-84.


Meanwhile, Ghulam Qadir Malkani also announced to quit PPP and to merge Malkani Group with Sherazi Group.


Ghulam Qadir Malkani or his brother is likely to contest election against PPP leader Owais Muzaffar Tappi.


Sherazi brothers had joined PPP in March 11, 2013.

Reader Comments
disheartened? Really? These jokers didn't get disheartened by PPP performance for 5 years but only got "disheartened" after not getting PPP ticket?

PPP made country like a hell being sinking ship and everyone jumping out in the sea to rescue himself and feels safer than staying in PPP's ship. God started showering mercy on Pakistan and new young blood and honest people are surfaced to rule the country. The net results will be (Inshallah) that all corrupt old aged leaders will be crying for a drop of water behind the bars and finally will be buried with their grave sins Inshallah.

Qazilbash, Sukkur, Sind
How Is Owais Tapi related to President Zardari? Where Is Doolha Bhai? I mean Zulfikar Mirza.Did he return from UK with suits of Evidences or Not?

Abid Hussain Shah
We need a revolution in Pakistan like the one in Russia, where all the land owners were dispossesed of their lands and then sent to the Gulags. These Waderas/mianjees/Sardars etc. would keep being 'Lotas' to plunder the land.

Syed Saulat
PPP is just like a burning train. Every sensible person is leaving to save their skin for the next election. PPP has been taken over by the Zardari league and Bhutto family is killed and left aside by Asif Zardari.

Bilawal Zardari
These waderas want to be in power just to exert their authority they have no love for the poor.

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