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Murree: College principal forced to resign over suspending student

- April 05, 2013 - Updated 2140 PKT - From Web Edition

MURREE: A powerful member on the board of directors of Lawrence College forced the principal into retirement after a student was suspended over a serious breach of discipline, Geo News reported.


Reportedly, things turned this ugly after the mighty kin of the haughty naughty, started blackjacking the principal to overturn his decision of rusticating the brat who broke the rules.


Against what goes without saying the “man of principle” refused to submit to the diktats of nepotistic board member upholding his disciplinary action he took against the undisciplined student.


According to sources as the pressure mounted the unyielding educator preferred biting the bullet to eating a humble pie.


Taking a calculated jump to the conclusions as a protest, he sent his resignation to the Governor of Punjab, Makhdoom Syed Ahmed Mahmood, who in spite of being cognizant of the whole comeuppance, gave it a nod under the pressure of the same military officer.


End of the story, no absolutely not! Surprisingly, hundreds of his now former college students as well the faculty came out of their dorms to raise voice against this injustice. They also announced to boycott the classes until the restoration of their outgoing principal.

Standing around their beloved Principal who was sent packing by the power-towers, they chanted slogans in his favour and appealed to the administration not to let go of the man who had been so phenomenal for the institute as well as the students at large.


When contacted for a comment, a representative for the college's board of directors said all the rules & regulations had been duly followed with regard to principal's stepping down, which was utterly voluntary.


The principal, while talking to Geo News, said he was overwhelmed with emotions when he found the students standing in his way --urging him to stay put-- as he was leaving the college for good.


"I cordially value the sincere respect they have shown for me. I thank them all for making me so proud. My parting advice for them is to concentrate on their studies. That's all", said he.


It must be mentioned Lawrence College Ghora Gali, one of the most prestigious educational institutes in Pakistan, is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and Pir Panjal at a height of about 1950 meters (6395 feet) above sea level, on a pine covered spur, covering an area of 150 acres. Ghora Gali is 4 km from Murree Town and 57 km from Rawalpindi.


Lawrence Schools of the subcontinent are the brainchildren of Sir Henry Lawrence. He was born in 1806 in (then) Ceylon and educated at Folye College Derry and then Addiscomb Military Seminary.

Reader Comments
very bad.the student must be punished.

Shame ------ Stop Maligning this institution----- Shame on the unspoken might man......Principal should be reinstated immediately....

Not so old Gallian
With the forces of extremism on the march it is all the more imperative to safeguard institutions like GG. We are grateful to the Chairman Executive Committee, who provide the umbrella of security look after water shortage and other hosts of problems.

Muhammad Asif
Chairmen Executive Committee has been the backbone of the institution and has played an important role in the development of the institution. One such example is of laying down Gas pipe line to the College

Muhammad Asif
One is bewildered by the incident of Friday 05th April. With all its’ tight Security how did the TV media vans entered senior school? And if the already twice resigned Principal allowed them to come in then why didn’t the Headmasters’ of all the three respective schools played there responsible roles???.

Muhammad Asif
The mighty man mentioned here is the GOC Rawalpindi.

shame on that student and his parents. Then they say Pakistan will progress!

".why it was so difficult for the caretaker/non-political government to take the right decision..." All politicians are of the same breed.

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