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NICL case: CJ says Amin Fahim had Ayaz Niazi appointed

- March 05, 2013 - Updated 1434 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan Tuesday remarked that the money trail in NICL scandal led to the bank account of Mahkdoom Amin Fahim, Geo News reported.


A three member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Chaudhry took up the NICL corruption case here.


Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked that in this scandalous money loop all the paper tails lead to Amin Fahim.


Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked the former NICL Chairman Ayaz Niazi was appointed at the behest of Makhdoom Amin Fahim.


The Chief Justice questioned why Amin Qasim Dada and Mohsin Wariach were still at large.


The counsel for the FIA informed the Supreme Court that money had been recovered from the accused and if the passport of Dada was restored, he would voluntarily return. To this the Chief Justice asked if the FIA was functioning on probabilities as it seemed the agencies strings were being pulled by someone else.


The Chief Justice criticized the commerce secretary for his lackluster effort after he had filed an FIR. CJ asked how many letters had been written to DG FIA for the arrest of the accused. The commerce secretary informed the court that red warrants had been issued for the accused that had fled the country.


The hearing of the case has been adjourned till March 11 and the Supreme Court has summoned DG FIA and sought a report regarding the investigation.

Reader Comments
I was reading about Zardari's Bilwal house in Lahore, and Nawaz Shariff House, at Raiwind, Lahore. I was amazed. These two started at the same time, one got married to Benazir, and the other to General Zia.One of them will come to power, the other is already in power. What is the future of people of Pakistan.

Duty is not done when criminals are not apprehended, Justice is not done when crimials are not punished and the Country is not served when looted assets are not recovered. How could such nation survive and for how long????

Faizullah Khalil
Talk is cheap. Will we see influential people behind bars? I doubt so.

Guiness book will then report that hands of half of Beaurocy and Politicians hands will be without..........


Chief Justice has remarked many time that no one is above the law and yet people like Amin Fahim are untouchable. He is not the only one people like Riaz Malik, Tuqeer, NAB officials etc are above his so called law. Poor Judges, they will come and go but powerful criminals will be still at large enjoying their life.

Corruption in our country has become a social norm.I remember when Khan Qayyum in the late Bhutto cabinent once spoke on ptv and said" corruption has been injected into our blood" We know the late Khan himself was undisputedly an honest politician in Pakistan,called Man of Steel. Nawaz Pakistan

Why dont Aqil Nadeem (Counsil General of Pakistan in Houston, Texas)ask the local Houston Police to arrest Khalid A. Khan (Main go between the money transaction), who is a good friend of Aqil Nadeem and is a frequent visitor at his residence or at the Counsilate.

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