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'US has right to interfere in Pakistan'

- January 08, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said that the United States has right to interfere in Pakistan’s economic and governance affairs as the former provides funds to it, Geo News reported.


Addressing a ceremony here, Cameron said that the United States provides largest aid to Pakistan, therefore, it has right to interfere in economic and governance affairs.


The ambassador said that the United States made demands to Pakistan with respect and dignity, adding that statement of Hillary Clinton about POL prices was misquoted.


He dispelled the impression that US was mounting pressure on Pakistan for launching military operation in North Waziristan.


Reader Comments
As long as Pakistan continues to be on the receivng end and have the begging bowl out the powers (IMF, WB) and the countries who provide aid do have the right to dictate. There is no reason to feel offended. Everything, in this world comes with strings attached.

How Many Pakistanis are benifited by the AID provided by America???

Beggars cannot be the choosers. We Americans do not waste our hard earned tax money on the this country without our own interests.

What''s wrong? Beggars can''t be choosers. Can they ? Why this Tamasha then ? Be realistic and accept the fait!

New Zealand
@ Kishwer B from UAE: Are Pakistanis not only beggars, but they are also ungrateful and treacherous ? How can you survive with America''s help to feed and live, and at the same time, hate them and want to kill them ?

After this, Please stop begging and try to organize every thing.

i am sure of all the guys who wrote their comments on this article, 95% of you "pure" pakistanis have not paid taxes. before you get up your stupid and false pride in your failed state, pay some taxes and stop your corruption. maybe then america wouldn''t have to throw a few coins into your begging bowl. why is every muslim country in the world messed up, by the way? can''t blame everything on the us, jews, hindus, christians, etc. can someone explain?

I am ashamed this statement mades my blood boil... I hate America... One day America will burn in flames. INSHALLAH.AMIN Oh govt. and ppl show some life...

Kishwer B.
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