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Political parties reject Qadri's demands

- January 15, 2013 - Updated 1831 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Leaders of different political parties on Tuesday rejected demands made by Tehreek-e-Minhajul Qadri chief Dr Tahirul Qadri and termed them unconstitutional and undemocratic.


In an interview ‚ Begum Naseem Akhtar of Pakistan People’s Party said that assemblies cannot be dissolved on the dictation of one person. She said 180 million people had given mandate to the present government and the will of a few thousand people could not be imposed on the majority.


She said the term of the present government is ending on March 18 following which assemblies will be dissolved and caretaker setup will be installed. She said Dr Qadri is a religious figure but there is lot of contradiction in his sayings and deeds.


She said some forces‚ who do not want continuation of democratic system in the country‚ are supporting Dr Qadri. She said it is the democratic system which allowed him to set up stage near D- Chowk. Had there been dictatorship in the country‚ he would not have been able to take out the long march, she added.


Ahsan Iqbal of Pakistan Muslim League (N) said Tahirul Qadri ‚ has no authority to issue decrees. He said majority of Pakistani people want rule of law and continuation of democratic dispensation. Demands of Tahirul Qadri are tantamount to subversion of the constitution. He hoped that the government will initiate necessary action against the chief of Minhajul Quran.


Deputy Speaker National Assembly Faisal Karim Kundi said there are a lot of contradictions in the statements and agenda of Tahirul Qadri. He is reading out a written script on the dictation of somebody. Such kinds of actors come and go but they can no longer enter the corridors of power through back door channels.


He said if Tahirul Qadri has the support of four or five million people‚ then why is he scared of contesting the elections. He said he should get his party registered with the election commission and contest the elections to execute his reforms agenda through the parliament.


Rejecting demands of Tahirul Qadri‚ he said a democratic process is continuing in the country. An independent election commission has been constituted in consensus with all the political parties. No party has objections on the election commission besides the Supreme Court has also called for holding of elections on time.


Liaquat Baloch of Jamaat-e- Islami mocked the posture of Tahirul Qadri saying he is expert of seeing dreams. He would have seen the dream regarding the dissolution of the assemblies but the fact is that the governments are still intact. He said the country is heading towards the general elections and there should be no obstacle in the way of elections. (PPI)

Reader Comments
Why did n't he educate people on who to vote for to bring positive changes to the decayed system of Pakistam? Why was he so naive to the miserable condtions of the people living under crippled system with miserable state while he was enjoying his spiritual dancing in Canada? To me after the structure of the march, I can safely say, The boots in pakistan is using him.

Faizullah Khalil
Mr. Qadri is dancing to the tune of hidden hands. He was seeing pakistan deteriorating in the last 5 yrs but he never bothered to bring his revolution and demand for midterm elections and needed reforms.Right before the next elections, his sudden coming in dubious and not without hidden agenda.

Faizullah Khalil
All the political parties are worried about democracy. Because they do not want to lose power and all the gravey they get with it. These people are not worried about Pakistan and her citizens. These people need to be sank in the Indian ocean. They talk against Tahir ul Qadri as a foriegn agent. But have no name for the foriegn power.

m. a
Qadri spreading sectarian hatred and extremism. Time and again raising Karbala issue - seem having an agenda in this regard. He failed to bring into light the achievement through Karbala battle. All are accountable before God even all prophets too. God is supreme and greatest Judge, No prophet can dare to recommend before God for an evil doer.

No one who is in the power or waiting to be in power will like what Quadri is asking for. Quadri is challenging the very democratic system prevailing in Pakistan which is being maneuvered by PPP, PMLs, JI, ANP. Reform the system and give it constitutional cover that, henceforth, there will be no such a thing called "Developmental Funds", Zardari, Nawaz, Asfandyar, Ch.Shujaat will have no interest in politics.

Musaab Al-Ghamdi
Saudi Arabia
Its simple, these maulvies have always been jealous of Tahir Ul Qadri. he is just simply asking for free and fair elections according to the law. The Government has failed its people in every sector and needs to resign.

United Kingdom
I am not a fan of PPP either but I think he is one of the biggest con artist fooling both the ignorant populous of Pakistan and the desperate western governments who are looking to promote a deviant version of Islam for Muslims, to make them soft for continued western hegemony on Muslim land and resources.

The intrinsic clash between the concepts of government and godliness reveals this man's motivations for what they are- after all, government concerns itself with the acquisition and maintenance of temporal power, while godliness concerns itself with spirituality and matters of the soul. This man's efforts reduce him to a mere demagogue- and insult by association the Qurran he claims as his justification.

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