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President in Paris for Malala conference

- December 09, 2012 - Updated 230 PKT - From Web Edition

PARIS: President Asif Ali Zardari arrived here on Sunday afternoon to attend important conference on "Stand up for Malala-Stand up for girl's right to education jointly being organized by Pakistan and UNESCO at its Paris headquarters.


The President came to Paris from London, where he visited Malala Yousafzai at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, to see for himself her health condition.


President Zardari was received warmly at the Orley Air Port by Pakistan's ambassador to France Shafqat Saeed, French ambassador to Pakistan Philippe Thiebaud and officials of French government and



The event will pay tribute to Malala Yousafazi, an astonishingly brave 15 year old girl who survived an assassination attempt for her determined efforts to defend girls' education in Pakistan, after the Taliban outlawed schools for girls in her native Swat Valley.


A special Malala Fund will be established on this occasion to raise the funds for girl's education through out the world and Pakistan will announce to provide seed money to establish this Fund.


The event coincides with International Human Rights Day and it will bring together representatives of governments, UN partners, international and bilateral organizations, foundations, donors, civil society, academics, religious leaders, eminent personalities and other stakeholders.


Prime Minister of France Jean-Marc Aryalt, UN Special Envoy for Global Education and former Prime Minister of UK Gordon Brown and many other leaders will also attend the conference.


During his visit to Birmingham the President inquired about the health conditions of Ms. Malala Yousafzai from the hospital administration.


The President was informed that Malala was steadily progressing and had made great progress on way to full recovery.


The President accompanied by Aseefa Bhutto Zardari remained with Malala for sometime.


This was first ever meeting of Malala with anyone outside her immediate family.

Malala was overjoyed and overwhelmed by the President's kind gesture to specially visit her. Ms Aseefa Bhutto Zardari presented

a shawl to Malala on the occasion.


The President expressed satisfaction and congratulated Malala over the steady progress she had made on way to full recovery.


Zia-ud-Din Yousafzai the father of Malala was also present on the occasion.


The President said that taking care of Malala was a national responsibility and it was reassuring that the government machinery

rose to the occasion.


The President also congratulated Zia-ud-din on fast recovery of his daughter and assured the Government's continued support to Malala and her friends Shazia and Kainaat. (APP)

Reader Comments
I request the world donor, UN envoy for global education and other donor to specify spacial funds for the education of girls in Allai Valley adjuscent to Swat in KP Pakistan. The girls of Allai Valley has to anondone their education because of the non avaialability of middle and high schools in this valley. I request that Malala Fund be utlized for the promotion of girls education in Allai Valley.

Muhammad Saleem Khan Allai
Funny and corrupt so called made president having funny life and damn cares for Pakistani. PAKISTAN KA ALLAH HI HAFIZ HEY.

Wasti, Frankfurt
This has got nothing to do with FATA, Baluchistan at the moment. Let's not laways be negative. At least something positive is happening in the whole episode of courage shown by malala & her father, and the whole world (except a negligible portion of Pakistanis who r confused about militancy) stood by them and the values they risked their lives for.

Country is facing dire fiscal free fall. IMF is not willing to support us anymore, tax base of the country has hit rock bottom. Here we have a president who never misses an opportunity to hop on presidential plane , loaded with freeloaders and flies out.Malala's tragedy is a national tragedy, it does not need Zardari's westbound ventures.When she laid in army hospital, he could have gone there to console this 15 years old.

Ahmad Shah
Zardari is in the safe soils of England and France while ignoring to tour troubled spots of his country.He is probably there to take care of his business interests and the Malala visit is just a cover up. The Malala fund is a good thing and will be a good tribute to her but should be established outside of Pakistan and should be in reliable hands.

Mr Zardari, do you really want to support education in Pakistan?? You know full well that educated people can identify corrupt politicians like yourself and don't vote for them. Leave this poor girl alone and don't try to score political points on someone's misery. You and your corrupt politics is fully exposed to the people of Pakistan.

Now Taliban must be reaping the fruit of their brutal attack on little innocent Malala. I and my wife had tears in our eyes, sitting in America seeing this little girl looking so weak,bruised,in pain although very inspiring when meeting President Zardari in her Hospital in London. We pray in Tahajud prayer for her quick and full recovery.

Faizullah Khalil
And he never had time to visit FATA, Balochistan and Karachi where people are blown to bit on hourly basis. Have mercy on Pakistan and save its people from this kind of democracy.

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