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US not Taliban attacked my convoy: Qazi

- November 19, 2012 - Updated 1825 PKT - From Web Edition

NOSHEHRA: Former Amir Jamat-e-Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmed has said 'the US not Taliban' was involved in today's attack on his convoy and ruled out establishment of peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan until the elimination of 'foreign interference'.


Speaking to media here, the former JI Amir said the US wanted to pit religious parties against the Taliban.


On the occasion, he thanked the Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and Afghan President Hamid Karzai for enquiring his well-being after today's assassination bid on his life.


Earlier, addressing the JI's public meeting in Mohmand Agency, Qazi Hussain Ahmed said: "The US, Israel and India have colluded to create unrest in Pakistan".


He said although (Pakistan) got freedom from the British but their agents continue to impose their presence on Pakistan.


The JI Amir said, "The suicide bombs cannot shake our resolve and spirit". The suicide attack on JI's convoy in Mohmand Agency cannot be the work of any Muslim, 'it was orchestrated by the US agents,' he added.

Reader Comments
Qazi with so much of security umbrella, is so afraid that he cannot name his attackers. The Chief Justice of Pakistan expects the evidence against the terrorists from unprotected general public to come and give evidence in the galore of media other wise he will let loose the terrorists.

A J Khan
Accept it Qazi sahib -- you are of no use for the Talibans -- neither is Imran Khan. So quit blaming the United States for your own uselessness. So be useful -- OPPOSE the treacherous Talibans.

Smart move, Maulana. This is an indirect way of tendering apology to the snakes you helped raise and now those snakes don't recognize their childhood charmer.

Don't get too big on your head.If USA wanted to get rid of you,You were goner

People who believe in Allah Never says , (If it were the USA,He would be dead). Sorry Baqar If you are Muslim,you should strong believe on Allah . I really condemn this.

Jamaat Islami may be the best organized political party in Pakistan but it is also the most useless party. Its leaders has nothing to do except lay hurdles in others paths. In what capacity is he ruling out "establishment of peace in Pakistan and Afghanistan until the elimination of foreign interference?" Blaming the US, India and Israel is very easy for this party.

Jimmy Rana
Taliban wouldn't do any harm to their beloved teacher....did any body check under the burqa, if it was Hillary or one of her students...

The Americans cannot sneak in with the Taliban around so it has got to be the taliban who control most of that area,It does not help the Americans to get rid of Qazi sahib as after his retirement Qazi sahib is not a major player and has lost the little influence that he had before.Nevertheless an inquiry must be conducted.

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