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Britain urges Israel to end Gaza crisis

- November 18, 2012 - Updated 440 PKT - From Web Edition

LONDON: Prime Minister David Cameron telephoned Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging him to do "everything possible" to end the crisis in Gaza, BBC said in a report.


According to the BBC, Cameron also expressed sympathy for the rocket attacks on Israel.


About 40 Palestinians and three Israelis have now been killed.


Pro-Palestinian protesters have gathered in Edinburgh and London to urge an end to the violence.


An Israeli air strike killed Hamas military chief Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari and another official in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. (Monitoring Desk)

Reader Comments
It would be nice if the pro- Palestinian protesters cared enough to pressure current Palestinian leadership to avoid hurling rockets over the border in the first place. Had world leaders applied pressure when Hamas first started launching rockets, PM Cameron might not be caught at this particular impasse.

England needs to mind it`s business. Israel needs to put these terrorists out of business. These animals are launching Missiles into residential neighborhoods in Southern Israel. Stay out of it England.

Tell Hamas to stop bombing Israel.

People, BUT OUT. This is between Israel and the terrorists. Others have no right to say to a nation when they can or cannot defend their own. There is no one to negotiate with because time and again, it is empty words just so Israel will back down. Once Israel puts the weapons away, it is business as usual. Not this time.

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