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Talks with Taliban can end war: Imran

- November 11, 2012 - Updated 2050 PKT - From Web Edition

LONDON: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan Sunday said that Pakistan's elite liberals are the only group in the world that supports George W Bush's war ideology, adding a peaceful end to the war on terror was possible only through holding talks with the Taliban.


Giving an interview to a British newspaper, Imran Khan said when he opposes drone attacks his English-speaking enemies label him as 'Taliban Khan' while liberal sections of the society give him the name of 'an extremist' and to the militants he is a 'US stooge'.


The former cricket hero told the Mail on Sunday in a wide-ranging interview: “Never have I once given a statement in support of the Taliban. Never once have I failed to condemn an attack on civilians. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do – pick up a gun and charge against them?”


"It’s a very thin line. One slip of the tongue and you can be killed here. There’s that level of fanaticism.”


The paper said Khan has serious chances of making a breakthrough in the next general election as he has been able to mobilise those sections of the society who never took part in the electoral process.


War and corruption, Khan believes, are irredeemably linked: “We have the lowest tax to GDP ratio in the world – 61 per cent of our national MPs pay no tax at all. Keeping Pakistan as a frontline state and prolonging the war allows the elite to rake in the foreign aid.”


Khan said the attendances of thousands of people to his rallies is “the Pakistani version of the Arab Spring”.


“A corrupt status quo has been ruling the Muslim world, but now the majority want democratic rights. We have women who were educated in English-medium [speaking] schools, and we have boys who have been to the madrassas [religious schools]. Our support comes from across the class divide, and that’s why it’s so exciting.”


The paper said: “In the political salons of Islamabad, opinions differ as to how successful Khan is likely to be. But there is agreement that this time the PTI has a real chance of power, and that even if it doesn’t secure a majority, it will win a significant block of seats.”


Khan said: “For the past three decades, I have watched the country degenerate. Someone as privileged as me has a choice. I can try to do something, or I could do nothing, and in that case, I cannot complain.”


Khan said negotiated settlement with the Taliban is the only way forward to end the war, not only for Pakistan, but for the hapless British soldiers fighting in Helmand. “If you stop the drones, withdraw the army and engage the tribes, they are the ones who will, in time, win the war.”

Reader Comments
Due to these drone attacks and army operations, they have declared jihad against Pakistan Army. What Imran Khan is saying is correct.

Imran Khan is right. He makes complete sense. These are warrior race who have neither been influenced by any foreign it the forces of Alexander The Great, The British Empire nor the Soviet Forces. These are liberal people who have their own way of life. These are the people who act as the back bone of Pakistan and are well capable of defending Pakistan's borders when need be arise.

@ali: because he knows the tribal culture. Withdraw from the American war means the end of the jihad for the tribal people and then empowerment of the peace loving people will put an end to this war. When tribal people (still many) do not think of the current war as djihad, Taliban will have no support thereafter and then tribal Jirga system can settle this issue.

Liaqat Yousufzai
1st - You need to establish the writ of the government. 2nd - deweaponize the entire Pakistan, especially FATA. 3rd - punish those who have committed heinous crimes against innocent Pakistanis in mosques, schools or checkpoints. 4th - Then whoever wants to join the political system, is welcome. Be it Taliban or whoever, win the hearts of the people and you can have the power. No nogotiations if you bring guns to the table.

Imran Khan is a sincere son of Pakistani soil who wants to lead the nation to a better progressive independent future. There is internal block and there is external block who is worried about his natonalistic ambitions and is trying to block his win anyway possible.

Faizullah Khalil
I disagree with IK here, I am sure in the past and even now negotiations and dialogues must have happend, but some of these individuals are primitive, ruthless, agressive and believe in only sheer violence and fear to solve all there issues and in short mediveal can you talk logic and sence with them...

Is it "Talks" or surrender? What do the Taliban want? To take over Pakistans control by force and terror and impose its own "invented" shariah. It does not attack NATO supplies but has taken pride in killing more than 40 thousand innocent Pakistanis and 5 thousand of our soldiers. Had they any suppor in FATA they would have been winning elections. Please don't confuse the nation.

What double/triple gaming is going on in Afghan/KP/BOLACHISTAN,Imran you have friends/relatives discuss what map Americans have in mind to draw in our region, presence of our army is to neutralize that map, paid groups there continue to destabilise,talking about talks with Talibans it is just a name.Solution to Afghan rest only with Iran,Pakistan,China and Russia, rest all are wasting time.

syed baqar ahsan
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