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Kainaat still haunted by Taliban attack

- November 10, 2012 - Updated 1455 PKT - From Web Edition

MINGORA: One of the schoolgirls wounded in a Taliban murder attempt on teenage Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai said Saturday she was still haunted by the memory of the bloody attack.


Kainaat Riaz, 16, suffered a hand injury when Taliban gunmen attacked her school bus in a bid to kill Malala for the "crime" of promoting girls' education.


Speaking to AFP on the UN-declared "Malala Day" of global action to support the young campaigner and call for better schooling for girls, Riaz said the October 9 attack still made her afraid. "I am still terrified. I still get tears in my eyes whenever I think of that incident. I saw Malala in the pool of blood in front of me with my eyes," she told AFP at her home in Mingora, the town in northwestern Swat Valley where the attack took place.


Malala's courage and determination has made her an inspiration for millions and Riaz said she was pleased that despite the Taliban's bid to silence the 15-year-old, Malala's message was being heard around the world. "She always said that we should do something for girls' education and she did not care about her own life when she was doing this," she said.


UN education special envoy Gordon Brown, in Pakistan to launch efforts to help the government boost education, phoned Riaz on Saturday to ask about her health and studies.


In Mingora security fears meant Malala's schoolmates could not hold a public demonstration for her, but they marked the UN day with a special assembly and prayers.


"My message on this day for Malala is that the whole nation is praying for her and she will be among us very soon," Riaz said.


Reader Comments
i don't know how can a terrorist be a muslim and be tagged islamist the only word for them is terrorists period!.

jalil khan
its we who nurture them. when your citizenry is cheaply available for sale, its your responsibility to deliver and correct them out. For God sake, leave blaming others. It is not going to solve your problems. your nation is still confused doubting Malala if she was an agent of the west. actions speak louder than words. act and act without delay..

Nowhere in Islam it says that girls are not allowed an education or to have careers. Hazrat Khadeejah (PBUH) the Prophet's (PBUH) wife was a business woman! This proves that the "taliban" are actually just illiterate, jahil "zaliman" and not muslims at all by an stretch of imagination! Curse them all to hell where they belong.

They are truely not islamists but agents like the media, malala & her father otherwise would have never done so.All this drama should stop. Pakistan is held hostage by crooks and who had hindered them from doing something for education & girls' education.

The pressure on the zalimans should be intensified and these girls should be provided maximum security by the state. Unfortunately she will have to live with the nightmare which she experienced for a ling time to come.

Indeed the attackers on Malala and her friends were animals, who ever they were. But I dont think Malala or her family should come back, and they wont.

Ammara Shah
they are not islamist they are mercenery gunmen and every one knows who nurture them, a muslim is never a terrorist and we from a muslim country and being muslims should not call them islamist.

rather islam promotes eduaction for girls

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