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Violent protests across Pakistan

- September 21, 2012 - Updated 1655 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: At least 19 people were killed and over 100 injured as protests against the anti-Islam film turned violent in several cities across Pakistan on the day Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool was being observed.




In the federal capital, clashes between police and protesters were witnessed in several areas. Some protesters managed to enter red zone and but were met with resistance from the police who use tear gas shelling to deter them from proceeding towards the diplomatic enclave.


At least 69 people were injured during the clashes according to hospital sources.


Later in the evening, protesters the MNA hostel and also set fire to a telephone exchange.


Security had been heightened ahead of the protests and a large contingent of police and Rangers had been deployed across the city. The army was also on alert.


Earlier on Friday, demonstrators from the suburban areas surrounding the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi occupied the streets in Pir Wadhai area and blocked the road for traffic.




In the metropolis, protests gained momentum following Friday prayers. Angry protesters set fire to five cinemas. Several shops, banks, vehicles and police vans were also set ablaze across the city.


12 deaths were reported and over 100 injured were rushed to hospitals across the city and unfortunately incidents of violence were also reported at the Civil and Jinnah hospitals.


Protests took a criminal turn in the city towards the evening as reports of looting were also reported in several areas.




The day began with violent protests in Peshawar. Angry demonstrators set fire to two cinemas and also ransacked the Chamber of Commerce. Seven deaths including that of an employee of a local TV channel were reported.


Protesters were also seen carrying weapons during numerous rallies in the city.




Protesters also took to the streets in the provincial capital of the Punjab.


Police and protesters clashed in several areas and police used tear gas shelling and aerial firing to disperse participants of a protest near the US consulate.




Protesters pelted cars with stones and destroyed a CNG station in the city. Police vans and check posts were also set ablaze by protesters.

Reader Comments
Lt Ozair Quetta I guess tht siting infront of comp n commenting z an easy job 2 do. u mite b clever but not concerned, it seems so. wht they r doing z the rite way to wake up some muslim govt 2 speak against these, most probably jews. u guys r siting wth them eating wth them, tht y u dnt hav 2 say anythng xcept tht ALL THIS IS WRONG. its very bad on ur part muslim brothers...

The political leadership in particular the Government who tried to take polital milleage on this sensitive issue failed. The entire leadership hide and confined itself to their homes. Had they in collaboration with Ulema organized and led the protests, the horrific violence and destructrion could have been avoided. God knows when we will learn to behave like sensible,civilized and mauted nation rather than emotional mobs burnking our own home and doing no service to Islam

muhammad yasin
US said it will deploy forces in Muslim countries to control the violence. US government tends to be so naive. Y dont they deploy their energy to stop these type of movies to be made, at that stage they will only need official talks and now they have to deploy military actions...and panetta says they are prepared if the situation goes out of control. lolz again it will be termed as an act to stop terrorism when they will act to keep the situation under control

khalid saeed
To disgrace one's religion or character is an unlawful act even if a muslim does it. Islam is God's religion, and only Him will protect it. Time will show...

Ahmed Saeed
Do the protesters have jobs? Or have they left their wives and children living in poverty? What does Islam say about honoring their families?

Anna G.
Revelation, chapter 18:10 clearly denotes our Hebrew-Inspired Jewish Savior immediately destroying Bablyon completely upon his return! In fact, all of Islam will be destroyed in one hour! I just KNOW that this Scripture that I quoted will be forefilled, but NOT UNTIL WE(AMERICA) GET PUNISHED FIRST because YHWH ALWAYS PUNISHES HIS OWN FIRST(i.e., the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11! Just saying what's written...

Victor Barney
I'll go by Revelation, chapter 18, verse 10i.e. Babylon will be destroyed in one hour when our Jewish Hebrew, not even Greek, inspired Savior returns, as written before it got to Rome. Just saying...

Victor Barney
Confusion, ah yes, thank you Lord for answer to prayer.

Cindy Cornette
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