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Actress Mishi Khan accused of burglary

- April 07, 2012 - Updated 719 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: A known businessman of the federal capital has lodged a complaint with the Shalimar Police Station against popular television and film star Mishi Khan, alleging that she stole cash, gold ornaments and other valuables from his F-10 apartment several days back, police sources told The News.


In his complaint, Jawad Safi Khawaja, son of Khawaja Safi, said: “I am living in Flat-68, Park Tower, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, and running a business in Blue Area.”


He alleged that on April 4 at about 4.15 p.m., the watchman of the building informed him that doors of his flat were open. He said he rushed to the flat and found that the cupboards and other items in the room had been ransacked. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Rs500,000 in cash, a two-tola gold bracelet, three rings and a Rado wristwatch were missing from the businessman’s personal belongings.


The two watchmen, Banaras and Hayat Khan, told him that they had seen Mishi Khan emerging from his flat earlier with two shopping bags in her hands.


The complainant said in his application that Mishi Khan, who frequently visited his flat, had been with him on April 3 when he placed the cash in his cupboard. He said when he contacted Mishi Khan, she used filthy language against him and threatened him of dire consequences. After mediation by his friends, he said, she however confessed to have stolen the above-mentioned items and cash, and promised to return the items in the presence of two common friends.


SP (Saddar Zone) Sajid Kiani, when contacted, confirmed that the Shalimar Police had received a complaint from Jawad Safi Khawaja against Mishi Khan, and that legal action would be taken against her if the complainant wanted to proceed. A copy of the complaint against Mishi Khan is available with this correspondent.


When contacted, Mishi Khan however denied the allegation leveled against her, saying it has become a fashion to use the name of any famous actress for getting fame. She said some publicity mongers even claim to gain cheap exposure that they got married with any actress. She said that she did not even know the person by the name of Jawad Safi Khawaja, who had lodged the complaint against her. “God has blessed me with everything and I need nothing else. Why I will get so meagre amount from anybody,” she remarked.

Reader Comments
this is not true i am witness of all this....... jawad safi khawaja so called business man is actually shop keeper (car deck )in blue area.

South Africa
salam... Jawad Safi Khawaja.. i m agree with you because all type of mishi khan actresses in everywhere in the world are that type of nature.. i know them very well because i have spent a part of my life with so-called actress in pakistan. I will not expose her name. But when they accused by someone, then they have a very good excuse and they say this is fashion to use the name of any famouse actress to get fame.

Adeel Bhatti
It's publicity stunt.. He failed to prove the blame.

MSN has retracted the news saying that authenticity of the news could not be verified. It was false reporting.

I agree with Sabeen above. Birds of. The same feather flock together.

syed Hussain
This is just one story among many attached with our showbiz ladies....yes its true and it happens... if u having relation illicit and spend on need to cry, she will do it as compensation. Unfortunately this is the real picture of our people doing well, they have relations like this and in the end cry! No cry, coz " Ab udas pirtey ho garmiyon ki shamon me" " is tarah to hota hay is tarah ke kamon me"

i think all of these things are nothing for mishi khan.its just a black mail to his famouse personality actress

The man complaining must had good relations with Mish Khan and due to some reason or other when he was fed up with this aged looking actress wanted some money back or wanted relations without paying more money made up this story.he should also be arrested for investigation as to how she was visiting his house frequently in the past without any relations and why he was not aware she is not of good character.Now suddenly she has become a thief or swindler!!!

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