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Pharmaceutical factory sealed in Lahore

- January 23, 2012 - Updated 1634 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: A part of a pharmaceutical factory has been sealed after it was discovered that a medicine manufactured there was substandard


The medicine which was distributed by the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) is allegedly responsible for the death of 30 people.


The owner of the pharmaceutical factory said that the closure was against the law.

Reader Comments
Agreed with Shafiq Mahmood. CM is just a puppet. He has just grabbed bundle of ministries to make money and exploit talented people. If he can't handle these ministries he must step out of the positions he is currently holding. In my opinion the leader is responsible for all these things because he is incompetent to handle issues of public. In short, adding up to the grief of the public. Giving away laptops to the students will not make you good Mr. CM! Rest assured!

Amir Mehmood
Closure is against the law???? You mean you can produce substandard, non effective medicine, make billions and kill the customer. But you factories should run because you cannot make more money....... What an immoral person. If a pharma factory is found killing people, in west, it will shut for ever and company will pay billions as compensation to victims.

Akbar Khan
Tne buck stops with the CM. He refuses to delegate and appoint a Minister for Health. He also has other Ministries. He is not super man, nor qualified to run so many Ministries. What does this say about PMLN people, who claim to be ready for government. No different from the competence of PPP people

Shaffiq Mahmood
United Kingdom
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