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Ispahani rejects Sunday Times interview

- January 23, 2012 - Updated 1140 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: Farahnaz Ispahani, wife of embattled Husain Haqqani has rejected the reports attributed to her that she ran away fearing abduction, Geo News reported.


Farahnaz said she didn't give interview to anyone adding that she respected ISI and Army. 'I came here to meet my children and going home soon.'


Britain's Sunday Times quoted Ispahani that she ran away from Pakistan fearing Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) might kidnap her to force her husband, Husain Haqqani, to sign a confession and implicate the president in the memogate scandal.


Christina Lamb, a foreign correspondent for The Sunday Times, who filed story on Pakistan from Washington, is banned from entering Pakistan after being deported from the country in 2001.


Lamb wrote that the memogate scandal involving Husain Haqqani, who is facing trial for treason, was "trumped up".

Reader Comments
Standard operating procedure by our politicions and establishment spokes persons, they make a statement knowing absolutely well what they said, if it misfires (PM gilani, Rehman Malik, Fake Doctor of law) they always say that they were misunderstood. They should learn some simple language so everyone understands them clearly.

Christina Lamb's last media coup in Pakistan occurred during Pervez Musharraf's time when she got a PIA seat booked as OBL(Osama bin Laden). She was deported shortly afterward. This is how she makes headlines. As for Ms. Ispahani, she should better advise her current husband to give up his life long habit of telling lies and, for once, tell the truth.

Saleem Akhtar Malik
One word: nonsense

Dr Saad
Another ugly rant against ISI. These traitors should be dealt with sternly.

Liar like her husband. Ugly looking thing. Physically disfigured and mentally disoriented. Ran to daddy in US with critical confidential papers and the blackberry phones which now are supposedly declared lost or stolen. Family of liars and crooks working with/for liars and crooks in the Pakistan ruling elite.

reject really means rejection by her or it is that she has already said what she wanted to say and now playing politics of rejection????????????

Faiz Khalil
why the international media alwasys interupting the private affairs of pakistan? if miss farahnaz haven't given any interview to foreign journalist then it comes under the libel law to defame a person by faking interview, our country affairs are not jokes and anyone defaming must be legally ontempted to make a precedent. our respected media should also be vigilant to dis encourage those media persons in destabalizing pakistan.

Yar Muhammad
This is non sense........ISI will not go to those low levels to abduct her ,But Mr.Irshad Haqani is shit scared to get out of where he is now or his keeper are.One of the things is sure that matters here...???

Zahid J.Bhatty
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