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Munter condoles loss of troops lives

- December 02, 2011 - Updated 52 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: US envoy Cameron Munter on Thursday offered his condolences to Pakistan over the massacre of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a cross-border NATO air strike, in a bid to defuse bilateral tensions, and hoped the two sides would emerge from the crisis as "stronger partners".


"I would like to extend my most sincere condolences to the people and government of Pakistan, and especially to Pakistan's men and women in uniform, for the tragic incident that occurred on November 26 in Mohmand Agency," Munter said in his message.


"My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the men who died. Hamey bohat afsos hay (we are deeply saddened)," he said.


Pakistan and the US had stood together for over 60 years and weathered previous crises together, he said.


"I am certain we will weather this one, too, and emerge together as stronger partners," he added. Munter reiterated the US administration's offer to probe the incident.


"We take this matter very seriously and pledge to you a full, in-depth investigation. I want to emphasise to the people of Pakistan my personal commitment to do all I can to make sure that we emerge from the tragic incident as stronger partners," he said.

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Reader Comments
we will kill your 24 in uniform personnel, then we will do same(apologize) , then would ask you how it feel like. do you think of us as fool????? if so, you are your self. you think we are sleeping nation, though we are, but you better never wake us up, because the time we will wake up will be the time ,we will let you sleep in a fraction of time.

No apology is accepted,u must stop all your anti pakistan plans.

Thanks for your condolence, but we as Pakistani don't accept it and saying in URDU will not make my heart smile. How many Pakistani people you want to KILL? This is not war on Terror but this is war against Pakistan and its people.

Munter, your condolence is not accepted because US led NATO forces killed 25 innocent Pakistani soldiers & none of the heads officially surrendered apology to govt of Pakistan. Honestly speaking President Obama should have apologized to the supreme commander of Pakistan as a supreme commander of US. Munter, you are an ambassador and your apology means nothing and let me remind you that Pakistani soldiers blood was shed, it was not a water, Pakistan reserve the rights to take any action.

mere mutabiq
Tum hoa dost jis ka/Dushman uska asman kyun ho. If someone has friend like you, who needs enemy.....experts are now teaching in international relations...amrika say dushmani karo na karo dosti na karo.

F Khan
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