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Indian army to recruit one lakh soldiers

- November 02, 2011 - Updated 2216 PKT - From Web Edition

NEW DELHI: The central government has cleared a massive modernisation plan to recruit 1 lakh soldiers to be deployed along the Indo-China border over the next five years, said India Today (IT) on Wednesday.

The move comes after increasing presence of Chinese troops along the border and reports of frequent incursions, IT said.

Sources said the defence ministry has approved a Rs. 64,000 crore military modernisation plan. It includes recruiting four new army divisions of which two would be part of the Mountain Strike Corps for offensive operations.

The plan also includes raising two independent brigades, one in Ladakh and another in Uttarakhand.

It is going to be the biggest ever expansion package for the army. It would be the largest increase in deployment along the India-China border since the 1962 war.

Reader Comments
they can do nothing by raising more army

Hope we deploy these troops ASAP so China doesn't get the idea that we don't have any security at our borders and try something funny.

@Sajjad, by "wall" if you mean the fencing on indo-pak border then its the requirment of time and you all know that wether you accept it or not. If you are talking about great waall of china, then india is not responsible for that. Please read history carefully.And if by 3000 miles you mean indo-china frontier then i am sorry to say that it is not visible form moon. Please get your facts right before commenting

@sajjad khan:Negative mentality,if at all there is one,has stemmed from the action of it's neighbor,who unabashedly harbors and support terrorists operating from the safe heavens in their soil.Mumbai attack, Kandahar hijacking, Doud Abrahim,LeT,HM,Jais e Muhammad are few examples.Those who try to burn neighbors house end up burning their own.

The India is recruiting one lac soldiers. I do not know for what? If it is against China, then I wish good luck to India in this nuclear age. The India should also think about her Westren friends, if they are sincere with India. As for as the Pakistan is concerned, even if India recruits one million soldiers. It will make no difference for Pakistan. They have tried us before.

m. akhtar
Will this be financed by USA with money raised by selling bonds to China?

Khane Khanan
United Kingdom
wish them good luck, Germany is reducing its army cz of peace around them and more economical prosperity but negative mentality of Indian,just wont allow them to live in peace,save money and invest on the welfare of public.Your positive mind can take you to moon but your negativity force you to build a 3 thousand mile wall between neighboring country,which can be seen from moon.

sajjad khan
They can afford it without American aid.More power to them.We need institutions of higher learning in order to do that.There GDP is 1.3 trillion.

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