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McCain expresses concern over ISI’s role

- July 04, 2011 - Updated 31 PKT - From Web Edition

WASHINGTON: US Senator John McCain on Sunday said the role of ties between Afghan insurgents and Inter Service Intelligence agency (ISI) needed to be acknowledged.


"We have to deal with Pakistan on a basis of realism, that there are connections between the ISI and the Haqqani network and the Taliban," McCain said in a news conference.


Fellow Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also said they he were concerned about Pakistani ties with insurgents.


"Our job as members of the Senate is to tell the Pakistan 'you need to chose who you want your friends to be and who you want your enemies to be'. We want to be your friends."


Independent Senator Joe Lieberman, who said the group would warn Afghan President Hamid Karzai that he needed to tackle corruption and a long-running dispute over parliamentary elections, to hold onto U.S. support.


"One of the things we want to say to President Karzai when we meet him tonight is that back home in Congress there is a war weariness and a kind of fiscal stress," Lieberman said.

Reader Comments
Isn't it time Pakistan used it's universities to set up think tanks for a long term strategic foriegn policies instead of knee-jerk & emotional reactions to every situation. But is that the not the whole problem with Pakistan, there are no calm thinkers only idiots & murderers in power! Shame....

D Ali
United Kingdom
It's sad that we Pakistanis have no introspection. If somebody came into my house and made trouble between me and my wife, do I blame the man or do I blame myself? If we allowed the Americans and the Indians the 'infedels' to make trouble on our soil, we must surely blame ourselves. How did we let the silly infedels in? Remember, finding fault with someone else, is the refuge of the weak.

Its prime aim of america to destabilize pakistan n its intelligence agencies.being a nation,this need of the time,we defend our interest at priority level not cunning americans............

rizwan ahmad
Mr.Maccain, you had already connections with Taliban that is why you are in negotiations with them. Why do you make objections on us when we talk to some-one: Are we half slaves or full slaves, please clarify for all times to come.

Irshad Khan
Mr Macain and other US policy makers live in fools paradise. Their short sightedness does not let them see beyond their nose. They all are hell bent to secure the US interests only and only....may it be at the cost of a so called friend like Pakistan. History of US is filled with stabbing friends in the back. Its high time for Pakistan to say such useless friends good bye and work only to secure its own nterests.

Baseer Khan
firstly establish US is a friend,a master,or what,history & recent deeds speaks not trustworthy.Why?In 80s they deserted & left us alone with 4.5 million afgans, smuggled arms, heroine, extremists, bad economy,heavy debts, dictators, presler's restrictions.Today:they gifted us suicidal extremists,uncontrolled narcotics traffic- freely harvesting in afganistan corrupt set up.Can they dare to say'we are not cause'.Come on'realism & truth demands REPAIR DAMAGES,Mr McCain.

Mr. McCain u said that "America have to deal Pakistan on the basis of REALISM that there are connections between ISI & Taliban and the Haqqani Networks"....Dear McCain lets not forget about one more reality that u supported & finance such connections back in 80s...So how can u talk of Realism????

Like America Pakistan has its own interests to consider and ISI has been the organization that is supposed to see to the security of Pakistan. You had no problems with this organization when it was working for your interests in the eighties.. Why have you developed problems with their judgement now?? May be rather than trashing the ISI if you had taken their advice you would not have been in this mess. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. Stop destroying Pakistan and its Armed Forces and LISTEN.

Munir q
United Kingdom
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