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'Nawaz spoke Bal Thakeray’s language'

- June 20, 2011 - Updated 2231 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Central leader of Pakistan People’s Party, Senator Babar Awan Monday said that Pakistan Muslim League-N’s Chief Nawaz Sharif who was being critical of President Zardari was actually suffering from bankruptcy.


Reacting to the PML-N Chief’s addresses in Azad Kashmir, Babar Awan said: “There is a stay on Nawaz Sharif’s corruption cases and the world will be shocked when these cases will be reopened”.


He said Nawaz Sharif spoke the language of Bal Thakray during his addresses in AJK and asked in what capacity the PML-N Chief was using the government’s helicopter?


Senator Awan alleged that ‘Takhat-e-Lahore’ had started spending the Punjab budget on AJK election campaign.

Reader Comments
he is saying "speaking". there is no match other than speaking.modi, thakray, advani are very different people.

Bal Thakray... does not uses a helicopter... and where does he comes into picture ....LOL... just dont stir up hysteria ... when dont find any good reason ... shows your mental bankcruptcy.... It can also be termed a verbal diaoria

What Awan is saying to Nawaz is that,"do not expose Zardari or we will re open cases of corruption against you".In other words you did corruption during your time now it is our turn, so be quiet.

He is a cunning man who attached to Zerdari as long as it benefited him and left him when it was not much profitable. He opposed ZA Bhutto to appease rulers of that time and he supported Bhutto to appease rules of this time. He used Bhutto

Dr Hassan Akhtar
United Kingdom
The media should be mature enough now to not to publish personal comments. The politicians like B Awan can go to any level of immorality.

Dr Hassan Akhtar
United Kingdom
M. Akbar from UK says-- "I think president Zardari's reputation has been sharply damaged due to his association with Babar Awan. President should distance from him." Well -- I think Babar Awan's reputation has been sharply damaged due to his association with president Zardari. . Awan should distance from him.

They are all dishonest,selfish and thieves as well as GHUNDAS with a history of a vriety of corruption in each case.It is a waste of time to comment on their malicious statements.Sooner or later they will face the music,Inshallah.None of them will be untouchable for too long.Their time is almost up.Its a wait and see situation.

Ahmad Shah
United Kingdom
PPP has two reputable lawyers in it's ranks, which are sincer to the party. One Raza Rabani, the other Ittezaz Ehasan. President must keep them as his advisors to be less disputed and get rid from trouble creaded Babar Awan.

Hasan Akbar
United Kingdom
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