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Angry fans clash with police in Mohali

- March 28, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT - From Web Edition

MOHALI: Angry protestors hurled stones and clashed with police outside the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium on Monday in the run up to Wednesday's Pak-India Cricket World Cup semi-final.


Baton-wielding police and security forces on horseback tried to push back an estimated 1,000-strong crowd as a protest outside the stadium turned ugly.


Witness said seven people were arrested and taken away in a police van. Injured men were lying on the grounds after they tried to escape the police action while women dressed in traditional salwar kameez suits were seen running for cover.


A heavy security presence has surrounded the 30,000 seat stadium ever since the two neighbouring countries set up the hotly anticipated showdown last week.


Local police told the protest was unconnected to the shortage of tickets that has angered fans in several Indian cities over the past five weeks.


Last month's violence in Bangalore erupted after tens of thousands of fans who had camped overnight outside the38,400-seat M Chinnaswamy Stadium were told all 7,000 tickets allocated for public sale for the Feb. 27 India v England game had been sold.


Police also used batons to control the angry fans on that occasion and similar scenes were witnessed in Nagpur on March 8 in the lead up to India's group match with South Africa.


Ticket sales for the Feb. 19-April 2 tournament have proven to be a major headache for Indian organisers, who are unable to meet demand for the high-profile matches, especially those featuring the home team as well as the April 2 final in Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium. (Reuters)

Reader Comments
Bunch of losers, fighting for tickets... how will these countries develop if they waste their time fight for ticket to matches which are already fixed!!!! unbelievably stupid

People who fight for tickets to watch cricket are fools.They better sit at home and watch on TV

we have seen this scene many times before in india .People are dying their every day to meet their basic needs like food and shulter.But it is the first time that people are dying for cricket tickets..... shinning india........

suresh gupta
Ladies should not be treated like goats as it looks from the picture. There should be a seperate area for them. I am sure they are fans of Pakistani Squad.

altaf khan
Corrupt and opportunist ticket sellers are trying their best to sell tickets in the black market. Its sad when government officials support such people. People should stay home and watch the sport on TV. Its much better. Besides, it will also teach these black-marketeers a lesson.

It looks there is extra ordinary extremism in sports in India and also in Pakistan. Actually there may be extremism in culture. Look at the behavior in politics, protests, public opinions in media, region and also sports. Great nations think by mind and also emotions but NOT EXTREME emotions.

Dr Hassan Akhtar
United Kingdom
Police atrocities - no good.The Pakistanis are embarking with 'AMN KA CHAKKA'.PM-India's gesture is appreciated.PM-Pakistan will not buy ticket in black-market-I hope.Afridi, Misbah, Younus and Gul are enough for the Indan's waterloo. Tendulkar and two more of the Indians need to be checked. Cricket is a craze and pride on both sides of the isle. ICC is kind in providing home ground and crowd to the Indians- this is only partiality in disguise. Good luck to both sides!

Amir Dewani
One can say that violence of this kind is normal when Pakistani Team goes to India. There are handful of criminals who are against Pakistani Team playing on Indian Soil. Why cant they understand that its a game and any country can come and play. It generates business and promotes friendly ties between two Rival countries.Police can handle I am sure.

Mohammad Akram
United Kingdom
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