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Islam teaches peace, condemns terrorism: Hajj Sermon

By AFP/Web Desk
- October 14, 2013 - Updated 1410 PKT - From Web Edition

MOUNT ARAFAT: Delivering the Hajj Sermon, Mufti Azam, Sheikh Abdul Aziz said Islam is a religion of peace and condemns terrorist attacks taking place globally.


The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia told over a million pilgrims that Islam teaches peace and does not allow terrorism. He called upon leaders of Muslim countries to work for the well being of people. “Your nation is a trust with you. You must safeguard its security, stability and resources.”


According to the Grand Mufti, Muslims were facing problems because they had forgotten the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


He added that the economic crisis being experienced could be resolved through the Islamic economic system.


The pilgrims arrived at Arafat from nearby Mina where most of them spent the night following the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They had moved to Mina on Sunday from the holy city of Mecca, home to the Grand Mosque.


On reaching Arafat, they crowded onto the hill and the vast plain surrounding it to pray until sunset, when they are due to set off for Muzdalifah on Monday for the stoning of the devil.


This year the number of pilgrims has decreased significantly due to fears linked with MERS virus and the multi-billion-dollar expansion work at the Grand Mosque. Governor of Mecca province and head of the central hajj committee Prince Khaled al-Faisal said 1.38 million pilgrims had arrived from outside of the kingdom while ony 117,000 hajj permits were issued for domestic pilgrims.

Reader Comments
what peace. time immemorial conversion by the sword has been the medium. when our religious ideology has no space for accepting difference and understanding that truth is one how can we achieve peace. tolerance is the mantra

There are good Muslims and bad Muslims. It is how good a human being you are. Believe me you are not born into a religion, but you are born as a human being There are rare cases of conversion for various reasons viz love, wealth and compulsion. Very few because of conviction. Islam is a good religion to believe in. There is no doubt. Let not those without compassion hijack the religion.

Mufit azam, advising that Muslim countries to work for the well being of their people, amazing! there are millions of Muslims all over the world who can not afford to perform Hajj, and they died on this hope. Why not this Mufti azam tell the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to pass a law that each year half of the Muslims all over the world should be allow to perform Hajj on free who can not afford it.

marjan uddin
The imam kabaa is speaking about the world and politics and the Muslim nations but the Saudis banned any political rallies or speakers during Haj , what double standards !!!

qaiser ali sheriff a sheriff
Any religion can be labelled as religion of violence, especially when its followers perpetrate violence... Let's not forget the bloodshed caused by the western christians - Bosina and Kosova are the examples of our time.... Islam's followers are going through a difficult trial - much confusion and chaos caused loss of direction. Such times are a test of faith & belief.

Killings in Pakistan or elsewhere are done in the nme of Islam, but that is not the message of Islam... & for those trying to appease westerners, don't forget the bloodshed they caused over centuries in the name of their religion... This is a testing time & this is when a beliver is tested for his/her faith and steadfstness.

and whoever is doing the other way round is off the track.....

Fida Ahmed Advocate
- you are the ONES (meaning the Bedoos) financing ALL the killings around the world. shame on you.

The True Pakistani
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